Prerequisites - dental hygiene program

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Please meet with a Health Sciences Counselor for assistance with all prerequisite course questions. 

Applications that do not meet all required prerequisites and program criteria will not be considered eligible for the lottery.

  • Prerequisites to the Dental Hygiene Program are as follows:
    • Science Prerequisites: Anatomy; Chemistry; Physiology; Microbiology - 2.7 minimum GPA requirement
    • Non-Science Prerequisites: Food & Nutrition; Reading Composition; Critical Thinking; Communication; Math; Psychology; Sociology - 2.5 minimum GPA requirement
  • Applicants must complete program prerequisite courses by the end of the preceding fall semester.  For Fall 2023 Admission, all pre-requisites must be complete by the end of Fall 2022.
  • The Dental Hygiene Program requires a 4-5 unit course in intermediate algebra or higher as a prerequisite to admission into the Dental Hygiene Program.  
  • All prerequisite classes are in Semester units, and you must complete the required Semester units. If your college units are in Quarter units, you will need to convert these to Semester units to determine if you have the required prerequisite course credit. You may need to file a course substitution request form for these classes to be considered.
    • To convert quarter units to semester units: Quarter units x 2/3 (.666) = Semester Units
  • Advanced Placement  (A/P) classes are not accepted as prerequisite coursework at this time.

*Per the DHBC accreditation there will be no more wet-lab waivers starting in Summer 2022.  All pre-requisite labs must be taken in person.*