Program Costs- dental assisting


Program costs are approximate and do not include the California State Registered Dental Assisting examination and licensing fees. Costs may vary depending on costs associated with books, health requirements and tuition costs for students. Additional travel costs to clinical sites have not been included in these approximate costs.

NEW THIS YEAR:  Manditory subscription to Complio by American DataBank for Student intake paperwork/immunization tracking - Cost $50.00  


Supplies for Fall and Spring semesters

(supply costs may vary slightly year-to-year)




Scrubs, lab coat, shoes, masks and gloves


Health Requirements for the program 


Registration/Tuition 27.5 units @ $46.00 a unit (additional fees not included)** & Parking ($120.00)




** Registration/Tuition may be waived upon eligibility (first time students receive 2 years free)

Amounts submitted by Jennifer Poovey – lead faculty for Dental Assisting